Abstract Submission Guidelines

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Please use attached template file 2MS3_abstract.doc (see end of page)  to prepare your abstract for submission to Program committee.

Before submission, the abstract file should be named according to the first author name and session name. For example, John Smith et al. abstract for the Martian Moons session should be named Smith_J_2M-S3_Session_Martian_Moons.doc.

Names of 2M-S3 Sessions to be used for file names:

  • Planetary science

  • Martian moons

  • Phobos-Soil

  • Luna

  • Luna projects

  • Galileo moons

  • Europa-Lander

  • Titan

  • Future planetary missions

Please, use Abstract Upload page (available to registered users) to download your file as part of your report (under Descriprion section).

You will be able to update your file till deadline July 29, 2011. In case of any questions please contact the Program Committee at ms3@iki.rssi.ru

Download the template file: 2MS3_abstract.doc